Dear Kainoa,

I will not forget you. You are in my waking thoughts, my sweetest memories, my dearest dreams. I will not forget you. You have touched my soul, opened my eyes, changed my very experience of the universe. I will not forget you. I see you in the flowers, the sunset, the sweep of the horizon and all things that stretch to infinity. I will not forget you. I have carved you on the palm of my hand. I carry you with me forever. -Ellen Sue Stern

Go Team!

Our precious Kainoa was born in the early morning hours of Sunday, 9/24/17. Delivered stillborn at 35 weeks he weighed 6 lbs., 2 oz., and measured 19 inches long...newborn perfection. With beautiful dark brown hair and the sweetest little chin, he looked a lot like his big brother. Experiencing Kainoa's birth was one of the most incredibly happy and indescribably sad moments of our lives. He is so loved and we are grateful.

Thank you for joining us and partnering with Star Legacy Foundation. Together we will honor the babies who were stillborn and support and remember their families. Working together we will raise money to support research to prevent stillbirth and educate health care professionals. We love you for being here and for missing and loving our baby boy with us.

the Watsons

Jay, Christel, Kenji & Kainoa






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