Larry Davis Goes Over The Edge

Youth Service Bureau in St. Joseph's County does great things for local youth in crisis. They not only provide a safe environment, but they also offer crisis intervention and help youth on a path of self-sufficiency and success. 

Last year Safe Station took in 164 youth providing them with immediate safety, shelter, food, clothing, and access to a full-time therapist.

The Young Moms' Self-sufficiency Program helped 322 young moms reach their goals of safe housing, education or employment, and to become the best parents for their families.

Eight young mothers were housed with the Porch Light and Transitional Living Program. Porch Light provides safe and affordable housing, teaches home life skills, financial literacy, and stress management. Upon completion of the program, they will have secured their own housing and saved funds to help continue self-sufficiency. 

These are only a few of the services that YSB offers. Learn more about YSB and how you can help by visiting






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