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September 24, 2018
Dear Family and Friends
Today is a very important date - Katie K.'s Birthday. While it's a day that I mark with more sadness than I once did, it's also a day that I reflect, celebrate, and honor Katie and the energy and spirit she brought to the world.
I could write a lengthy volume about the ways that Katie has enhanced my sense of everything. She was extraordinary in every sense of the word. She was fascinated by most humans (and dogs), and never missed an opportunity to ask a question. She found aesthetic pleasure almost everywhere, and had an effortless way of sharing that with those around her. She was competitive, but also zen, and loved finding ways to connect people and places and causes to make good. In the 10+ years Katie has been part of my life, she has driven me to be a better version of myself, which brings me to why I'm writing to you.
Some of you know that Katie was also my running partner - early mornings, late nights, in the snow, up a mountain, she was almost always by my side. Even today, when I set out on runs along familiar routes around the city I can feel her running alongside me, pushing me a little farther and a little faster. Katie got me to train for my first half marathon 7 years ago, and then convinced me to raise money while doing it. With that she started Team Snow City Arts, which has grown to dozens of runners and has raised more than $100,000 since that first race.
For one last season, I am running to raise money for Snow City Arts through the Chicago Hot Chocolate15K on November 4. This year my funds will go directly towards the Katie Kurcz Fund, established in her memory to support Snow City Arts and the amazing staff and teaching artists who do the hard work of educating, engaging, and enriching the lives of youth in Chicago's hospitals. It seemed fitting that I mark today through Katie's legacy at an organization she cared deeply about. I hope you will help me honor Katie through a donation to my race fund.
With love and hope,






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  • michele helmuth In honor of a brave fighter, a beautiful gracious woman who cared so deeply for others. November 2018 $100.00
  • Tom and Mary Kurcz November 2018
  • Nina and Rich Cohan November 2018 $100.00
  • Jacqueline Harman November 2018 $50.00
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  • Susan Green November 2018 $250.00
  • Adobe October 2018 $250.00
  • Patricia Polston October 2018 $250.00
  • Anonymous October 2018
  • Anonymous I love and miss you, Katie, and I'm so proud of you, Allison, for running to support a cause she cared so much about. I'll be cheering you on from Michigan on November 4th! September 2018
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