Why is Pikachu my Avatar? Why should you give? Please let me share more...

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page, and let me share a few reasons why I choose to fundraise via this event.

Realistically I enjoy a good hike through the City, and at 14 miles this event offers a challenge coupled with beautiful views of RVA.

If I meet my goal of $2000 I will endeavor to make this hike in an inflatable Pikachu costume (see my profile pic). If I double my goal, and raise $4000 I will run 14 miles in that costume. Enough about this...now onto why I am doing this!

Before serving on this board I assumed:

  • Every child enrolled in RPS had the opportunity to go on field trips
  • Science class was a given in all RVA Public schools
  • Most "city kids" had at least seen the James River or one of its tributaries

I was wrong about the bullets above. Many of the children in our schools do not have the opportunity to experience our beautiful City beyond the windows of their home or classroom. Science class isn’t always available to the kids in our City. And our River is something of lore to many of the kids in the City.

The actions of Blue Sky Fund directly addresses these realities above. Our vision is that we will give every young person the opportunity to discover themselves by actively engaging the natural world

Our Goals are:
1. To help children achieve academic success, especially in the sciences, through active outdoor education that is appropriate for their current science curriculum; and

2. To develop character and leadership through outdoor experiences that expand horizons, increase confidence, and build collaboration skills

I have seen our mission in action and its amazing (I am getting goosebumps typing this). I have seen the smiles and heard the laughter during our Explorers trips. I encourage you to check out our website or talk to me, I will gladly share more.

All this said I ask you to kindly consider donating to my hike. It doesn’t have to be $1000 even $5 makes a difference to our kids!

thank you in advance

Bernly Bressler





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My Supporters

  • Procter Fishburne Better late than never, October 2018 $26.00
  • Anonymous October 2018
  • Donna Brodd October 2018 $100.00
  • Joy Bressler PhD, LCSW, LLC October 2018 $260.00
  • Janice Shugart October 2018 $104.00
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  • Joy Bressler PhD, LCSW, LLC October 2018 $260.00
  • Janice Shugart October 2018 $104.00
  • Debby Corkish I would have donate anyway to support this great cause and your passion, but looking forward to a Pikachu and hiking boots pic! October 2018 $104.00
  • Donna Brodd October 2018 $100.00
  • Mary Mc Grath What an amazing event!!! Sending lots of support from Switzerland! October 2018 $52.00
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