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10 Years of Bringing Shakespeare to Life

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So why am I asking you to help support the New York Shakespeare Exchange?  Well, for me, it starts with the man himself, William Shakespeare. 

Shakespeare is universal.  Every person reading this has likely read his sonnets and seen a play or two.  The work of Shakespeare is an annual mainstay of high school and college theater groups around the country.  I know my first experience with the high school drama club was a production of the Tempest.

But why is Shakespeare universal?  What has led to the timelessness of his work?  Well, it’s because he tackles issues and themes that will always be relevant.  Themes like love, hate, jealousy, and power.  His work covers these themes and also delves more deeply into the human condition – what it means to be human.

So why the Shakespeare Exchange.  Well, over the last several years I have had the opportunity to see this talented group of performers, producers, and directors bring Shakespeare to life on bar tops, in libraries, and on stage, and in doing so address many of the important topics we deal with today:  diversity, sexism, tyranny, hatred, and misunderstanding.

I support the message and work of the Shakespeare Exchange so much so that I have joined their Momentum Counsel (basically a junior board) in order to help continue what the Exchange has been doing for the last ten years.  I am asking you to help me in that support.  Any amount helps:  $5 and you share it with friends; $20 because we know each other; $100 for a tax deduction; $10,000 because your company is looking for a social impact platform (you never know)…  Invest what you can so we can continue to bring in some of the most talented actors and directors to help continue to bring the Shakespeare Exchange’s message to new audiences.

Thanks everyone!  Stay tuned for more updates!





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