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Our daughter, Piper Jean Bradford, went to heaven five days before her expected arrival without warning on November 13, 2015. The details of that night are seared in our memory. It was a Friday, the same night as the Paris terror attack. Despite being glued to the television, listening to reports of the horror going on in France, I agreed to meet up with a friend for dinner and a concert. Considering how far along I was in my pregnancy, I felt pretty proud of myself for getting out of the house. As I drove to the restaurant a deer ran across the road, nearly coliding with my car. We both came to a stop and stared at each other for a good ten seconds before it slowly moved across the street and disappeared into the darkness. I still wonder if that experience was a warning, or a sign, from beyond that my life was about to change. Later at the concert I prayed for all who had died in Paris that night and imagined the grief those families were experiencing. During my prayers I felt my baby moving frantically over a period of five or so minutes. I recall feeling excited that something was happening, I believed she was preparing herself for delivery. After all, I'd been taught that movement was good. The following morning I realized my baby was being unusually quiet, but attributed it to her being tired from her activity the night before. I continued with my plans for the day and attended a baby shower followed by dinner with friends. When it was suggested that  I drink a coke to jolt her awake, and she didn't react, I decided to visit our local emergency room "just to be safe." The local ER doctor told us they couldn't find a heartbreat, but that it could be because of thier lack of experiencew ith the machinery. We headed to the hospital with concern, but remained somewhat optimistic that the labor and delivery experts would ease our fears.  Several hours later the passing of our daughter Piper would be confirmed with the words "there is no heartbeat." On November 15th, a gray Sunday morning, our daughter Piper Jean Bradford was delivered still weighing 6 lbs., 5 oz. Our world was forever altered. 

Despite numerous tests, and consulting with experts, we still do not have answers as to why our daughter passed away. Doctors at the time proposed that she may have accidentally cut off blood flow in the cord by playing with it, but there is no way to confirm that was the case. Other medical experts have suggested that perhaps there was an issue with the placenta, however testing at the time (and in prior and subsequent pregnancies) showed no abnormalities. 

We support the 2nd Zayne's Anchor of Hope race because we believe in the mission of the Star Legacy Foundation. Their aim is to increase awareness, support research & education, advocate for change and support and provide support to families who are dealing with these devastating losses. During our reproductive journey we've seen a tremendous range in prenatal care and learned how asking questions, demanding answers, and having the ability to pay for optional testing can influence a pregnancy. We've also seen the gaps that exist in supporting families who've experienced pregnancy and infant loss. While we can't change our story, we hope to make a difference for others.

Thank you for reading our story.

Rob and Jennifer Bradford





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