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Sherilyn Reyes

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Kaytoo and Nyla

Staffy Stories

Kaytoo Apr.20.17 to Aug.8.18

June 17, 2017 I went to Petsmart Waterford Lakes because I wanted to torture myself with the puppies Lotsa Love Pet Rescue brought every weekend. As usual, I wasn't there to get another dog (we have two) but there was a little guy with a huge tummy and visible ribs overshadowed by the more vocal puppies. My mom had seen his watery green eyes and insisted I hold him but I didn't want to. I said, "If I hold him, I'll never let him go." And I didn't. He was my everything and the most perfect little staffordshire mix dog who lived and loved for 15 months before succumbing to his grade five heart murmur and having a heart attack. He was named Kaytoo after the sassy droid from Star Wars Rogue One.

Nyla Sept.26.16

October 8, 2018 I went to Pet Alliance Sanford Shelter to volunteer for a class project but also because I’ve always wanted to volunteer there. Kaytoo had been gone two months and missing him never went away. I saw Nyla with her note saying HW+ and that she needed to be on strict leash walking only to not overexercise her. She always met me at her kennel door and coughed up a lung in excitement even though I told her countless times she needed to relax. When various potential adopters came to see her she shied away until I came and coaxed her to come say hello. I even showed her to a daughter and mom in the hopes of having her adopted out. Suffice to say, she knew how to sell herself by being sweet and asking for belly rubs. They said the might come back. It was almost 3:00 which would be my time to leave the shelter. My first shift alone. My anxiety through the roof afraid I wouldn’t be good at this. I asked my husband to come meet her and she pressed her neck against the kennel for him to love on her. She is ours and I thank Pet Alliance for keeping her safe and providing the medication to take care of her heartworm. We’ve got months ahead of us and adventures we can’t wait to have.

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