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As many of you may know, my name is Megan Flynn and I am a physical therapist who primarily treats patients with neurologic diagnoses. Over the course of my education, career, and personal life I have encountered many different diseases/diagnoses. One of these diseases is considered very rare and is known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), which is the disease that my grandmother passed away from.

Outside of work, I am an avid runner and I am currently registered to run the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2019. I would like to run this marathon in support of the CJD foundation not only to raise funds for research but to also raise awareness of this rare disease.

CJD is a terrible disease where infectious, indestructible protein-like particles known as prions attack the brain and the rest of the central nervous system. It leads a rapidly fatal deterioration for the person afflicted with the disease and is gut-wrenching to watch as a family member.  It is stated that the disease is 1 in a million, but since my grandmother’s diagnosis and becoming involved with the CJD foundation, it has become apparent that this disease might not be as rare as it is said to be. Currently, there is no cure for CJD, but a lot of research is being performed.

This is where the idea for a fundraiser comes in.  I would like to raise as much money as possible in support of CJD research.  I am not asking for a specific amount of money for a donation, just whatever you feel comfortable giving as every penny goes a long way in learning more about this disease.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I would be happy to answer them.  Feel free to pass this link along as well. Thank you in advance for your support!





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My Supporters

  • Karyn Baig Proud of you!! April 2019 $50.00
  • Karyn Baig Proud of you!! April 2019 $50.00
  • Roberta Rizzo Way to go Megan !!!!! April 2019 $26.50
  • Michael Ippolito April 2019 $21.20
  • James Seyffart Kick some butt April 2019 $106.00
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  • James Seyffart Kick some butt April 2019 $106.00
  • Tracey Russell Go, Megan, go!! April 2019 $106.00
  • Norman & Jill Kurzeja Hi Megan, Good luck with the race. Here’s to a PR. Jill & Norm January 2019 $106.00
  • Sandra Schultz March 2019 $100.00
  • Jody Flynn Great cause!! Grandma is proud of you!! October 2018 $100.00
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