2019 Paws in the Park

Maggie O'Connell

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Why I'm Here:

In September 2016 I went to the shelter to see the cute dogs. When I got there, I saw long rows of sad puppy faces that were scared, alone, and confused. Some were barking, some were whining, and some were cowering in corners of their stalls. As I continued walking down the row of large dogs, knowing my current accommodations were not suited for a large dog even if I wanted one, I made my way to the smaller dog section where I saw Pablo, a small, underweight, tan Chihuahua, sitting in the back corner of his pen giving me the stink eye!

I stopped at his cage for a few moments and tried to coax him to come to the front where I was... Nope! That wasn't going to happen! I kept walking down the row of doggies and all of them had someone that had filled out an application to adopt them. As I made my way back up the row, I approached Pablo's cage again, and what did I see? The little stinker was right at the front spinning and dancing and sticking his paw through the gate at me! From then on, he was mine.

On September 16th, 2016, I went back to the shelter to pick up my Pablo, who was renamed Louie, and brought him home. When we got home, he peed on my porch... and my couch... and the floor in numerous different places... snd a lot of people would have brought him right back to the shelter for that. I believe that once you have a pet, they're your family. My pets are my kids. I wouldn't trade them for anything, no matter how many times I may threaten them with shipping them to their grandparents' house!

I'm fundraising so the dogs that I couldn't take home csn continue to get the food, shelter, and access to veterinary care they need until they find their fur-ever home. I invite you to help out however you can, whether it's a donation of $5 or $100, or just simply sharing a link to this page via social media. Please consider helping out at the event too!

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