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I have to admit, I'm not a "Shakespeare-ian".  Sure, I read the requisite plays in school and watched Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet way too much (it was 1996, Claire was on a My So Called Life high and Leo was the up and coming heartthrob....), but I never felt connected to any of his works.  To be honest, I found most of it boring, complicated, and a pain to follow.  

That all changed when I met Ross and the NY Shakespeare Exchange company.  At first they lured me in with a pub crawl.  I went thinking that what could be bad about 4 beers, 4 bars, and 4 scenes of Shakespeare in a few hours.  I was blown away by the passion and talent of the NYSX team and needed to see more – and Shakespeare Exchange has so much more to offer. 

Whether its big stage shows like A Midsummer Night’s Dream;  creating immersive experiences in small towns outside of NYC with Intersections; or other amazing content, New York Shakespeare Exchange is pushing conversations that we need to have on diversity, sexism, tyranny, hatred, and misunderstanding.

I’m so impressed with their work over the last 10 years that I joined their board of directors to help them continue to grow!

Which brings me to today and asking for your support for this fantastic organization.  Donations today will go to the following:

  • Help us continue to build incredible shows, like our upcoming A Midsummer Night's Dream and next fall's Fuente Ovejuna.
  • Provide us with funding to grow the business side of things. This means allowing us to hire more staff and step forward in the realms of marketing, grant writing, technology, and more.
  • Expand the reach of The Sonnet Project and INTERSECTIONS across the globe
  • Guide us toward more educational engagements that help define the next generation of theater lovers.
  • Allow us to expand our budgets so we can pay our artists more.

Any amount helps:   $20 because we know each other; $100 for a tax deduction; $10,000 because your company is looking for a social impact platform (you never know)…  Invest what you can so we can continue to bring in some of the most talented actors and directors to help continue to bring the Shakespeare Exchange’s message to new audiences.






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