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It was two weeks after Irma and my stress and anxiety level was so high I found it difficult to eat and swallow food. I already had this problem but now it was only getting worse. I was having trouble choking on most things I tried to eat! We were out one day on our way to Universal Studios for a little bit of relief and enjoyment and stopped at the mall along the way for some lunch. Pet Alliance was there holding an adoption event and that's where I saw Chazzer (Chaz). I was drawn to him and even though he was somewhat in shock and on pain meds there was something in his eyes. He had been brought in only two days prior and then neutered only one day before. He looked lost with huge sad eyes. My husband asked me if I wanted to take him home and abandon our theme park plans. Just at that moment Chazzer looked up at me and there was no question! We all went home and began the long road to blend our lives together. After a while, I began to notice that my eating difficulties were going away. I was able to eat and enjoy things that I hadn't in years! Chazzer was having a healing effect on me! As the days went by, he also began opening up and increasing his confidence. I'm sure he felt abandoned by his former family but he was being showered with love in his new home and it was healing him too! Now he uses his big "Puss in Boots" eyes to get extra treats! He also uses his "cute factor" to meet celebrities! He's been on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise! He was almost taken by "Neegan"! He's been hugged by Elijah Wood! He has his photo with both Jeff Goldblum and Lucy Lawless! Without Pet Alliance, none of this would be. I can't thank them enough!





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  • Chris Meyer Save all the animals! ❤️❤️ February 2019 $26.00
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