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May The Pugs Be With You....Always!!!

Hello, my name is Emily! I'm a HUGE pug lover and Star Wars fan. At the most, we had a grumble of 4 PUGS at once: Madonna, Rugby, Max, and Camila. There were only 3 people in the 2 bedroom apartment at the time. Plus, we had an honorary pug, a German Shephard American Eskimo Mix, named Gabby. Yes! WE are crazy! Yes, that's 5 dogs and only 3 people! The dogs out number us.

Unfortunately, as time went on the dogs slowly passed. The first one to go was my Princess Camila Badila of York Peppermint Patty. She was only about 5 or 6 years old and we have no idea why she passed. She was doing her favorite puggy passtime eating. Then she was out. At first, we thought she was choking on her food. But she wasn't. It was Black Friday roughly 4 years ago in the Millenia area and we were on our way to the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, but the traffic was so much that poor Camila Bear, passed in my arms along the way there. It was a sad, sad, day for us!

Then several years ago, on Halloween, I put on a Wonder Woman outfit on Madonna the Pug, and later noticed blood gushing out of her nose! I believe it was just about a year or so after Camila passed and I thought no! NOT AGAIN! Not going to go through this again! I quickly stopped the bleeding as much as possible and called the Banfield Pet Hospitals all over the Central Florida area. I had to go out of my regular Banfield off John Young Parkway and go all the way to the Banfield in Hunter's Creek, I believe. That's when the vet recommended a specialist, because the vet suspected it was a tumor! Yes, IT WAS A TUMOR! I took her to Maitland to be seen by the specialists there. They were AWESOME! They helped me with Madonna, by doing Radiation and then later Chemotherapy. However, it was still terminal and she would eventually go. Later on, she went blind in one eye cause it ruptured due to the tumor probably. My poor lil baby was walking into walls and falling off curbs cause she only had one good eye. WE had to take her to East Orlando for the Eye Specialist. They were great there too. Unfortunately, the vet said after some time that there was nothing else they could do since if they operation on removing the eye or the tumor at her age she could not make it. So we had to take her to our usual Banfield and make the dreaded appointment to put her to sleep. It was rough! There were complications and we were called in to she her pass it was so sad and scary seeing my first pug baby like that. I had here since she was a pup! That happened roughly in mid-April this year, 2018! Madonna the Pug was only 13 years old. She would have been 14 this Dec 13th. She fought a good fight though.

The oldest dog, Gabby, was around 16 years old we think was the next to go. She was the German Shephard American Eskimo Mix. She too had cancer and had a large open wound. Since she was so old that the cancer and wound was so bad she was inoperationable as well. The vet said that at her age she would likely pass on the table if they were to operate on her. We had to put her down just 3 weeks after Madonna the Pug, in May, 2018!

So the remaining pugs in our pack is Rugby, age 14, and Max, age 12. Rugby is a full black pug that is definitely going grey. The rest of the pugs were at fawn coloring like Frank the Pug in Men in Black!

May the Pugs Be With You! I feel the force is strong with them and that the late great, Carey Fisher, is enjoying playing with our pugs. I actually, met her at Celebration VII in Aneheim, CA! I got my picture with her and her dog Gary Fisher, who reminded me of our Rugby because Gary suffers from tongue out of mouth syndrome and has his tongue out all the time like my Rugby. Plus, they are both black and have a flat face. After our picture was take I told Carey Fisher excitedly, "I LOVE YOUR DOG...and you." as I tapped her on the shoulder. The next day I stood in line to get Carey Fisher to sign our picture together. It was a EPIC DAY! I LOVE THAT WOMAN! She was so amazing!





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