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Heart broken for the man we called big gary.. lost to cjd at age 47 on may 21,2016... 3 days after our first grand-girl was born. shocking!!! to all that loved or meet gary. i have known gary since 6th grade.. high school sweethearts since 17 years old,married in 1989 and only son gary born-1990 (united states coast guard). we lived the simple life and loved what we had going..we thought everything was going great for our age..till gary wasnt feeling well.just terrible and horrible symtoms, he had everyone of them except going blind.. we tried with so many doctors scratching their heads in our town that finally we had to get to the real side of "what is going on???" that meant clevland, ohio clinic with the best doctors in the country. gary and i went through so much it was unbelievable!!! gary and i struggled through it together..right till he passed away in my hands at home. that guy of mine gave that diease one heck of a fight !! the whole time. gary talked to me for when he wouldnt be here to assure me i will be ok. i promised him i would do what he said.. so the most important thing to gary was for him - not to be forgotton. so i have come up with "unleash the beast - cure cjd in memory of gary". that means what gary loved to do !! i tara.. his friend..from the day he died i still continued to work on our muscle cars for car shows with a handmade wood plack that i made with cure cjd and his picture along with trophy's, also a awesome tribute for buick man - gary ..was a 1st. place- professional burnout contest with our 1971 buick skylark makeing an announcement that my husband that passed away..just gave that all to you !!!... (everyone wanted to know what was cjd ?? and they were all answered ) then cant forget the figure 8 demolition of my husband best times over and over was with demoliton derbys and figure 8 demolition derbys and putting my son in it and i was a great chuckle for him at seperate times. and last is a new thing.. i always wanted our 1979 blazer to be in truck pulls. all these things that are done for big gary...i  designed tee shirts with his name and cure cjd on back and his best derby picture in front. all this mechanical stuff that my husband taught me...well  i cant get all by myself, but was able to make this happen especially from our longtime friend, since we were children..garys high school mechanic buddy tim... he makes mine and garys goal come true. also with help from special friends of gary's and i....we came up with even garage sale proceeds to go to cjd get the word out there and raise money for a cure!!! we need to find a cure or something to stop this.. big gary so graciously gave his brain for research. so it is plain and simple for us to give for research too. lets do this for a great man!!! lots of broken hearts going on..we never want to see this diease again. so lets change this !!! thank you so much if you are involved.smiley​ give for big gary's diease please.   ps. i am starting this page from his 2 year death anniversary date. it has been a long struggle for me to get to this part.   





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  • Tara Hegler my 4 year old birthday gift for my pappy love lilly pad 2 weeks ago $10.60
  • Tara Hegler Gary on this day you passed 3 years ago ..i still cry and struggle but i will still remenber what you told me and take anything thrown at me and plow through it.i have tons to tell you when we are together again. Love you babe. May 2019 $10.60
  • Tara (our little lillians .. 3rd. Birthday gift) Hegler lillian!!!! Took her 3rd birthday wish for .. donation to your pappys cure cjd page. We love you with all our hearts. Enjoy your birthday... my little pooh pooh. Love pappy and grammy May 2019 $10.60
  • tara hegler HAPPY 50 BIRTHDAYS GARY !!!!! your always on my and miss you every time I turn around. January 2019 $10.60
  • tara hegler ( in honor of lillian hegler for christmas.. canon trans-siberian orchestra) hegler Lillian kent hegler is making her Christmas gift donation for her pappy for Christmas...her pappy is always loved and never forgotton. December 2018 $26.50
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  • Glenn B McCombs December 2018 $100.00
  • Julie Oliver December 2018 $100.00
  • Fred Krestik December 2018 $100.00
  • Jamie McCombs, in honor of granddaughter Lillian's birthday December 2018 $50.00
  • Tara Hegler December 2018 $50.00
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