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Logan Berkley

May 4, 2019

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When I was 2, I got sick and my parents found out I had leukemia.  They told my parents that I would probably be okay, but it would take a lot of medicine over more than 3 years.  That's a long time!  I got most of my medicine through my port at clinic.  Clinic days are very long and it takes a lot to keep us kids entertained.  While I was there, Mrs. Katie and Nurse Kathy would give me snacks, games, toys, even DVDs and a player.  All of these treats, big and small, made my days easier and happy.  Sometimes I started to even look forward to seeing the nurses and doctors because they were so nice and took such good care of me and my mom.  I especially liked to go to the treasure chest each visit after I was all done to get even another toy.  These toys are very important to us kids that go through so much.  They make us forget the bad parts.  I'm better now and I want to help other kids have the same stuff I got.  I didn't really think about where all the goodies came from then, but now I know it was really nice, generous people.  Maybe if I can help now, other boys (and girls) will have some fun on those long days too.





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