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I’m Bowling with my Team “ Soulcial Sisters” to raise funds and awareness for this worthy cause that is so important to me. My personal goal is $150 and I look forward too seeing the amount we achieve as a team ! As a survivor of domestic violence I personally know the physical and emotional pain of being battered by a spouse or “loved one” . Feeling desperately stuck in a situation, hiding under make up in shame , feel helpless and hopeless. Blaming myself , how could I allow this ? questioning life , how could I deserve this ? And often making excuses to cover up the truth . I was walking on eggshells and living with intimidation physical and mental abuse and at times even fearing for my life . Thank the Universe and the people who helped me make it out ! People in these situations can learn there is help they can leave and that they deserve a happy healthy life. They need our support in many ways , your donation is Greatly Appreciated !!!

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