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All 4 of us will be going on a 2-week service/mission trip to Uganda this April. We will be part of a team from our church, Raymond Baptist Church, travelling to the Lukome Center in northern Uganda, run by Childvoice International. We are hoping you will support us and share with us in this experience. Let us tell you why.

We have been actively involved with Childvoice since its beginning 12 years ago. We know Conrad, the CEO and founder, and his family well and have been happy to support them financially as well as offering time and professional expertise. From day one we were impressed by his vision and commitment to restore integrity and give a future to young girls whose childhoods have been stolen and lives so unfairly changed by no fault of their own due to war and violence. Childvoice’s commitment to the spiritual lives of the child mothers and their children as well as a desire for them to be healthy, happy, productive and self-sufficient members of their societies is something we can 100% sign on to. Conrad first suggested about 10 years ago that we need to go see the center to have a better picture of what exactly the organization is doing. We were eager to go, but for the past 10 years Sandy was either pregnant or the kids were too young. It is important for us go on this trip as a whole family when the girls are old enough to remember it. When we found out our church is sending a team this spring and that one of the major points of need is for these mothers (many of whom have never been in a healthy relationship) to witness how couples relate to each other and how families raise children, we knew our family unit has a unique “skill” in this regard and this is our time to go.





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  • Raymond Baptist Church April 2019 $4,707.80
  • Nancy Van Sickel March 2019 $100.00
  • Pamela Pizarro Can't wait to hear about the trip when we see you this summer! March 2019
  • Anonymous EO and LJ March 2019 $500.00
  • Raymond Baptist Church March 2019 $2,716.00
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  • Raymond Baptist Church April 2019 $4,707.80
  • Raymond Baptist Church March 2019 $2,716.00
  • Mike, Sandy, Leah & Abby Unger January 2019 $800.00
  • Anonymous EO and LJ March 2019
  • Thomas Langsdorf So happy to support you in this endeavor. May the Lord meet you all in a special way. February 2019 $250.00
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