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2019 Women's Build - Habitat for Humanity

I have learned a lot about this organization in a short period of time.  I thought that the houses were built for the individuals at no cost to them.  This is not true - Habitat for Humanity serves to provide for those individuals who would not otherwise be able to afford a home.  The donations fill the gap to make homeownership a reality!  There is an affordable mortgage attached to the home which the homeowner is responsible for as well as they are required to give back of their time by helping build the next Habitat for Humanity Home.  This organization helps bring homes to single parents, low income earners, military families, etc.

I will be going out to help with the build from Saturday, 5/12 through Saturday, 5/25.  This home will be built in Eustis.  These two weeks are just the beginning for this home as it will be built from the ground up so there will be more opportunities to help with the build.  I will share pictures as this project progresses!

This page will be available through May 2, 2019.  My birthday is May 5 so my birthday wish is to assist in supporting this great cause!

Thank you,

Frances Garrandes






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