Let's cross that goal together!

After years of delays and excuses, I'll be running my first ever half-marathon. I'm running in support of City Year, an education nonprofit organization, and personally, for my son Bodhi Jeziah. I'd greatly appreciate your efforts in helping me reach my fundraising goals. Thank you for your support!

Running for something more..

When I first decided to participate in this race, it was just a personal goal. If you know me, you know I wasn't fond of running. Flat feet, bad knees, excuse after excuse not to do it. But life changes, you meet your life partner and have a child (big up's to Bodhi Jeziah aka Lowercase B). Then what once was an immediate no now turns into a definite yes. If my fiance takes the plunge, I'm right there with her. That's love, right? But of course, life ALWAYS hits you with the unexpected.

December 20, 2018, our son suffered his first anaphylactic allergic reaction. Holding him to my chest, urging him to stay with me, he laid limp in my arms. With no time to panic, just quick thinking in order to save my boy, I call 911. To save a novel of a story, a quick ambulance ride and a trip to the ER saved his life. Just knowing I could've lost him that day changed my life forever. You'd figure it's all smooth sailing from here on out, but just like the infomercials, "But wait.. there's more"!

Bodhi's followup appointment to his allergic reaction discovered a heart murmur. On all day's fitting, Feb 14th, Valentines Day was his cardiology visit. After weeks of anticipation, my fiance and I are given the difficult news that Little B has a hole in his heart along with an undeveloped valve. Thus creating various complications such as an uneven shape, forcing the heart to work harder with the added stress. Which in turn causes the lungs to work at double the capacity due to the imbalances. With all things said, our son will undergo open heart surgery at 3-4 years of age to correct the problem.

These past few months have surely been shaping my outlook on life and how I live it since the encounter with my little one. Despite all he's endured, he knows nothing more than joy and happiness - oblivious to his condition. It truly showed me that no matter what negatives life throws at you, it doesn't stop you from enjoying what you have. I live more curious than ever. Eager to try something new or uncomfortable and appreciate all the experiences and relationships I come across.

So I celebrate my new outlook, and Bodhi, the precious gift of life I was given with this run.

Please help me raise money for City Year Los Angeles as I cross the finish line of the LA Marathon on March 24th. Every donation counts.

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  • Carlos Misenas March 2019 $105.00
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