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November 2018, Lucas was diagnosed with Epilepsy.

Our story starts in August of 2017, we noticed Lucas' mouth twitching and we were unsure of what it was so we brought it to the attention of his pediatrition. She was unsure what it could be so she sent in a refferal to Rochester. We met with a pediatric neurologist and without doing testing he thought they were ticks. He then ordered an EEG just to rule out that the were seizures. When the doctor looked at the EEG, he was concern and reccommended that we do a 24hr EEG, so we did. Lucas and I spent an intire day in the hospital while he was hooked up to the machine. Lucas hated every minuet of it. I think the only parts of his stay, BINGO and getting to take a toolbox home to paint. We got to see the doctor right away after he was done with the test, and that is when the doctor delivered the news. Lucas was put on medication which is suppose to help regulate and help prevent him from having seizures.

We have choosen not to share a lot of this information with many because we don't want this to define who Lucas is, we don't want  people to feel sory for us or him.

We know that God is watching over Lucas and keeping him safe in everything we are up against with this diagnosis.  





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