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Martha Homenuke

June 15, 2019 - June 23, 2019

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Hey friends! This year I will be walking the streets of Paris with local believers, praying that God will nudge some of them to move in among the unreached, urban poor in their city. As I walk, I will also be remembering the hundreds of MoveIners in Canada who are simply and tangibly loving their neighbours. It has been my joy this past year to connect with and care for many of these teams. I am excited about the ways I was able to year last year's Prayer Journey funds to support MoveIners. 

My favourite project this year has been providing subsidies for MoveIners to access professional counsellors, spiritual directors or life coaches. It has been my joy to hear of people getting counselling for the first time because this subsidy was available. My hope is that this will contribute to the health of MoveIners as they invest in their neighbourhoods.

Another unique project was providing tools for fighting bed bugs. If you’re like me, when I was growing up I thought “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” was just a cute phrase. I learned otherwise the hard way and experienced the huge stress that these tiny bugs cause. I also felt the stigma and shame of not wanting people to know I had bed bugs. Many MoveIners face this challenge and I was able to buy some high quality traps to prevent the spread. If MoveIners don’t have to worry as much about their homes, they can be more present with their neighbours.

These practical tools and others along with the personal encouragement from my team and I directly impact MoveIners. These believers are directly invested in the lives of people who are seeking hope in their new homes. Would you consider giving so that I can continue to support MoveIners? Thank you





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