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Julia Nawrocki

May 18, 2019

Julia and Fuzzy Company Fundraising Page

I have always been very passionate about dogs!  I've been volunteering and working at various shelters and rescues since I was in junior high and somehow my enthusiasm keeps growing!  I have also worked as an assistant trainer and love helping people grow their relationship with their canine companion!

I peronsally have benefited from a local animal shelter when I got my rescue dog, Maisey back in 2010.  She was my failed foster dog and I regret nothing!  Maisey is the sweetest pup you'll ever meet, and many of my friends tell me she makes their top 5 favorite dogs ever list!  In addition to therapy dog work, Maisey enjoys long walks in our neighborhood and local parks and participating in hoops and, most recently tracking!

My other two pups are rescues in a different ways. Dusty, our Brittany, was a Craigslist dog that we got when she was 10-months old. She was kept in an outside in a corn crib by her previous owner, but you would never know that now because her favorite places are on the bed or the sofa!  And Casper, our newest addition, was from a private rescue organization that focuses on rescuing pointers and setters in the Midwest! While we currently have a full house, we can still help by supporting great local organizations.

I think many people find that when they adopt a dog, they not only give a dog a second chance and forever home but they are also improving their own quality of life!  And regardless of where I move, I will always try and support the local animal shelters that help connect these wonderful animals with their new families!

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  • Charlene Nawrocki May 2019 $25.00
  • Nate Nawrocki May 2019 $25.00
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