4000+km Cycle Ride from Nordkapp - Home

Starting on Saturday 4th May, Allan is setting off from Nordkapp, the North Cape, the furthest point north on mainland Europe. He’ll be riding home back home to Keswick, Cumbria, UK via Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and returning home via Newcastle and the coast to coast route. I route totalling in excess of 4000km and he has until the end of May to do this.

This ride is COMPLETELY SOLO, not an event, not a race, just one lone rider with a bike and whatever kit he can carry. This means utterly NO BACKUP WHATSOEVER! Just a lone rider on a bike taking in the sights and seeing whatever the world throws at him.

Forgot about lightweight touring here, Allan is going for every possible backup and gadget under the sun and it all running off the sun via the solar panels attached to the bike. You are probably wondering why so much kit? Surely going nice and light would be easier?! Yes and no. To throw another spanner in the works Allan is also a type-one diabetic and has been for the last 40 years which brings with it a few medical issues which need to be dealt with, and thus a fair bit of extra supplies of equipment and also plenty of backup food supplies in case he can’t find any for the days out in the wilds.

And thus where this page comes in as Allan will be using this trip to raise awareness of type-one diabetes and raising funds for a collection of charities including the Team Type One Foundation as you can see here, so please donate, thank you.

You can follow the ride as it progresses via the blog and tracking page featured here: www.keswickbikes.co.uk/blog





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