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We are back!!!

This will be Team Landyn's 2nd year participating in the Rise Above Seizures Walk and we will be switching it up this year! Last year our team enjoyed the Metro walk and this year we are excited to check out Rochester's walk!

Landyn's story began last summer, on July 22, 2018, to be exact... That was a day that our family will never forget. Landyn had his very first seizure that afternoon while at the local county fair. Initially we thought it could be a heat-related incident as it was very hot and humid that day, however, we were proved wrong. After multiple seizures over the next month, trips to the emergency department, and transfers to Rochester for specialized care, Landyn was diagnosed with Epilepsy. We then endured the joy of finding the right medication(s) and dosage(s) to help control his seizures. It was quite the rocky road for a while but eventually we got his seizures under control. We are so grateful for this!! We are also so grateful for all the support and prayers that Landyn and our family received during this time!!

Landyn will be finishing 3rd grade this year. He had a great year at school and I am so grateful for our very supportive school district!! They allowed the Epilepsy Foundation of MN to come in when the school year first started to do seizure training with staff and students. Landyn's school is now considered a Seizure Smart School!!

This is our story and the reason why we fundraise and ask for your support!!! We appreciate any support that you would be so generous to donate towards Team Landyn!!

Thank you and God bless!!





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