Prayer Journey 2019   ○   Eastern Canada Vision Trip

Chelsea Haemel

June 15, 2019 - October 2, 2019

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Jesus in the East Coast

Hi! My name is Chelsea. I'm a MoveIner in Toronto, Ontario. My patch is St. James Town. I joined MoveIn in September, 2018, but I've been interested in MoveIn for over a year. I joined last year's prayer journey in North York.

I have family in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. From what I have experienced there, the Christian community is fairly small. The island also experiences issues with gambling and addiction. I believe this is partially caused by the lack of year-round work, as many people work during the summer months in the tourism or fishing industries, then collect EI the rest of the year. One person I met even joked that this is the "Cape Breton Dream".

I don't know if this is similar in other parts of Eastern Canada, but I believe the Capers are searching for fulfilment, and many are searching in games of Chase the Ace, Cannabis Shops, Alcohol Stores, and 50/50 Draws. What they don't realize is these things won't bring fulfilment, and Jesus is the only thing that will.

I'm excited to see what comes out of this Vision Trip and what God can do through MoveIn in Eastern Canada!





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