Prayer Journey 2019   ○   Nigel & Jessie's 25K Goal

Nigel & Jessie Paul

June 15, 2019

My Personal Fundraising Page

Welcome to Nigel & Jessie's Prayer Journey page!

Our fundraising goal this year is $25,000, and thanks to a large matching fund, all gifts will be DOUBLED. Thus, our matched goal is $50,000!

Your gift of $5, $50, $500, $5K or any other amount helps us reach our goal!

The Prayer Journey is a prayer-and-awareness event. It is also our largest annual event fundraiser. The Prayer Journey helps to fund the work of MoveIn throughout the whole year.

This year the funds we raise will go to raising up new MoveIn teams around the world, evangelism and discipleship resources, supporting our tremendous coworkers around the world, and raising up new leadership and staff. We are also supporting many of the other projects - see "Projects" above. MoveIn has 30 staff, and 400 people on 84 teams in 39 cities in 13 countries - so as you can imagine it takes a lot of resources to make it all happen.

The Prayer Journey is taking place this year on Saturday, June 15, 2019. Yes, the Prayer Journey is a fundraiser, but its primary purpose is prayer and awareness. Participants journey and pray through routes of high-needs neighbourhoods that do not yet have teams. We pray for teams to form, and that the neighbourhoods will be blessed and transformed. This year we expect to have more than 400 participants in over 30 Prayer Journey routes across the world.

The route Nigel, Jessie and Courage will be participating in this year is the 10km Prayer Journey in Houston, Texas. Did you know that Houston is the fourth biggest city in the U.S.? It has a metro population of six million! MoveIn does not yet exist in Houston so as a family we will be traveling there to meet with key individuals and churches. Like every other route around the world, the Prayer Journey will happen in Houston on Saturday, June 15, 2019.

If you would like to support the work of MoveIn and our own individual ministry work, this is your opportunity. Don't forget that all donations are DOUBLED by a generous matching fund. By God's grace, Jessie and I have hit our fundraising goal each year. Help us do it again! Every dollar helps. Please join us in prayer as well.

Gratefully in Christ -- Nigel, Jessie and Courage





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  • dwight phillips Blessings Nigel,Jessie,Courage and baby on your Prayer Journey Walk in Texas.Love Peggy and dwight. 3 days ago $50.00
  • Mark Jenkinson 3 days ago $250.00
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  • Mark Jenkinson 3 days ago $250.00
  • dwight phillips Blessings Nigel,Jessie,Courage and baby on your Prayer Journey Walk in Texas.Love Peggy and dwight. 3 days ago $50.00
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