For all the Tiny Potatos

Taking on a whole building for my Tiny Potato, and all the other amazing little girls out there. Because smart, brave, determined girls can do ANYTHING!

Girl's Inc. is a cause I support in general, but as my girl gets older and is exploring the world more and more, testing her own strengths and limitations, I want to show her that there are no limits but the ones you impose on yourself. 

Let's be honest, I am already shaking. Petrified to hurl myself over the side of a building. But you know what? I have faced scarier things. And I can do it. 

There's a lesson here, and I want to be sure my Tiny Potato hears it loud and clear:

This is crazy and big and scary.

But I can do it.

She can do all the crazy big scary things too.

And there's no building too high, challenge too big, fear too great that I would not take on for her. 





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