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My dad was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis in 2013. A disease with no cure with a life expectancy of 3-5 years.  My dad has fought and beaten every obstacle thus far.  The hospital staff stated he has single-handedly defeated every life expectancy projection they have made.  He's that kind of fighter!

My father worked his entire life with the plans of experiencing life once he retired.  He was unfortunately diagnosed shortly after retirement and never got to experience his dreams. He told me and others to not wait, experience life now!

So with that determination and will displayed by my dad, we have decided to complete what is called the Mazama Triple D Challenge of hiking Mount Defiance, Devil's Rest, and Dog Mountain in one day, July 13th.  These are some of the most difficult hikes in Oregon's Columbia River Gorge.  It's approximately 26 miles and more than 10 thousand feet of overall hiking/climbing.  It is a true challenge that will take myself and two of my good friends, supporters through an entire day of hiking that will be tough to say the least.  But it is not near as difficult as a single day of living and fighting with PF. 

We will be starting at before sunrise and hoping to make our final ascent at sunset. We will be live streaming some of the hikes most amazing scenery and documenting the entire challenge. Whatever we can do to expand this event in hopes of increasing contributions to PFF that would be amazing!





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  • Tami Lay July 2019
  • Jessica Hagedorn July 2019
  • Derek Greenfield July 2019
  • Linda Tomasco I too have PF. I have been fortunate to have doctors specializing in PF and I’m doing very well. However PF took my father’s life do in part to a late diagnosis. Good luck on your hike and to your dad. July 2019
  • Mike and Linda Tomasco July 2019
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