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Jon Lowder

May 1, 2019 - August 31, 2019

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We're looking for that last boost to get us to 500,000 meals by July 31.

It's time for Jon to step in! We're offering him up for auction to help us reach our goal. The winner of the auction will have Jon all to yourself at your corporate office or chosen property for one day! Jon has maintenance skills, salesmanship skills, and a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, and we're happy to share him with you for a day.
The MINIMUM bid is a donation of $500
The donation must be made between today and July 31
ALL DONATIONS will go to the food bank and are NONREFUNDABLE - regardless of whether or not you win the auction
Whichever company has made the highest donation by 11:59pm on July 31 will win the grand prize: Jon Lowder for a day!
The company with the second highest donation will win 2nd prize: Jon Lowder for half a day (half the day, all the awesome)
Once the auction is over, Jon will follow up to arrange a day to spend on your property, and PTAA will be sure it is well covered in our social media and other publicity!

Questions? Contact Jon with any questions you have before you donate.





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