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Your donations help the Hawaii Parkinson Association's continue its programs, training, education and outreach to the Parkinson's community living in Hawaii.

To help us continue these efforts, there is no better way to support HPA's outreach efforts that to donate what you can ($1.00 to $50.00) to our team for our annual HPA Walk fundraiser.  

HPA is an amazing organization that provides essential outreach and support for Hawaii's Parkinson's community in so many areas.  As part of my role as a board member and chair of the exercise committee, we continue to expand exercise programs throughout the Hawaiian Islands. 

Exercise is an essential component for treating Parkinson's disease. In 2019, HPA sponsored its annual symposium featuring exercise, health and wellness themed speaker and breakout sessions.  We have also offered two continuing education Fitness for Parkinson's workshops as well as one Yoga for Parkinson's workshop.  We partner with nine YMCA's throughout the islands, as well as other individual fitness facilities and Physical Therapy rehab centers to offer fitness and wellnes classes.  Additionally, we support and train individuals offering community classes that are Parkinson's accessible. 

We are continuing our efforts emphasizing the importance of exercise, nutrition and wellness for mitigating the symptoms of Parkinson's at our upcoming April 2020 Symposium wtih a fabulous guest speaker that will share his personal story of finding fitness to live and manage Parkinson's. Stay tuned for more won't want to miss this one! 






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