In Memory of Verity

Stillbirth Awarness

Christopher and I talked so much about starting a family, and in all that dreaming it was always Verity that we dreamt of. We just knew, for years before we even know if we could get pregnant, we'd talk about Verity, how I couldn't wait to see Christopher and Verity walking down Main St USA at the Magic Kingdom, or going apple and pumpkin picking at Lynd's. ALL of our dreams were about Verity, not about some baby we may or may not have one day, it was always just her!!!

I think for me, that has been one of the hardest things to accept, Verity will never do any of the millions of things we dreamt of her doing, I will never snap that photo of her hand in hand with her daddy, I will never, ever call out her name and hear her call back to me or see her sweet face before me. I will live the rest of this life without the one person I've longed for most. Thankfully for us, this life is short, and there will come a day when I will call out and she will come running into my arms, until then I will never stop talking about her, about the impact she has had on my life, and how I want to honor her with all the days I have left.

That is why I'm walking. To raise awareness about stillbirths. This isn't a 1 in a million tragedy, more babies are born still than children die from cancer and people die from drunk driving combined a year. This is something we must talk about, ugly as it is, so that women can have all the info they need to possible reduce the number, but at the very least to realize they are not alone and do not have to suffer in silence!

Please join me by donating to my walk or joining our team of walkers. If you'd like to join, please reach out to me if you're not sure how, our team name is Verity Christian Tierney. When we walk together through life we heal together!





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