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Everyone needs clean water

Help me raise money to send water to Africa as part of my NJHS volunteering.





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  • Nathan Watson Nathan Watson $170.00
  • Alene Root Alene Root $70.00
  • Charles Remillard Charles Remillard
  • Elizabeth Duke Elizabeth Duke
  • Jennifer Loehr Jennifer Loehr
  • Elizabeth Routh Elizabeth Routh
  • Lina Schroeder Lina Schroeder
  • Pete Duke Pete Duke
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  • Sofia Hrynevich Sofia Hrynevich
  • marnina kregas marnina kregas
  • john kregas john kregas
  • alexander kregas alexander kregas
  • branden kregas branden kregas
  • delaney kregas delaney kregas
  • Zane Scott-Tunkin Zane Scott-Tunkin
  • Ciernan Dwyer Ciernan Dwyer
  • Sharon Snyder Sharon Snyder
  • Meagen Fox Meagen Fox
  • Amanda Wahlborg Amanda Wahlborg
  • shujie Luo shujie Luo
  • Dakotah Lassiter Dakotah Lassiter
  • Diane Adkins Diane Adkins
  • Elva Howell Elva Howell
  • Fred Howell Fred Howell
  • Jacob Lassiter Jacob Lassiter
  • Katya Firsova Katya Firsova
  • Emily Chen Emily Chen
  • Juann Linn Juann Linn
  • Sophia Orysheva Sophia Orysheva
  • Alexandria Melisaratos Alexandria Melisaratos
  • Alexandria Melisaratos Alexandria Melisaratos
  • Joanna Linn Joanna Linn
  • Hamsa Pasha Hamsa Pasha
  • Alexandria Melisaratos Alexandria Melisaratos
  • Thomas Kneuss Thomas Kneuss
  • Noey Chuenchit Noey Chuenchit
  • Satita Chuenchit Satita Chuenchit
  • Nine Chuenchit Nine Chuenchit
  • Gavtam Balakrishnan Gavtam Balakrishnan
  • Arnav Jadhav Arnav Jadhav
  • Morgan Root Morgan Root
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  • Luke Blair Luke Blair
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  • Mia Root Mia Root
  • Alexandria Melisaratos Alexandria Melisaratos Team Captain $0.00
  • Henry Cheung Henry Cheung
  • Alen Dzabic Alen Dzabic
  • Nathan Watson Nathan Watson $0.00
  • Connor Watson Connor Watson
  • Jason Watson Jason Watson
  • Archie Loehr Archie Loehr
  • Amanda Steiner Amanda Steiner
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  • Keinami Terhune Keinami Terhune
  • JJ Steiner JJ Steiner
  • Lindsey Doherty Lindsey Doherty