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Give to the Max Day

Celebrate Give to the Max Day by donating to Star Studio! You can make your donation here or drop off your donations at our Minneapolis location of Star Studio. 

2525 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404

If you're still looking for ideas, check out the holiday in-kind wishlist:

School Age

  1. Games (Sorry, Memory, Headbanz, Connect 4, Trouble, Jenga, Cribbage, Sequence, Yahtzee, Apples to Apples, Guess Who and Monopoly)
  2. Duplo kits and Small Lego sets
  3. Hot wheels and remote control cars
  4. Action figures (Superhero, Princess, Disney, Ninja Turtles, Star Wars)
  5. Magna doodle toy
  6. Magna-tiles
  7. Jigsaw puzzles (24, 48 and 100 pieces)
  8. Sound story books, sticker story books, pop-up books and “seek and find” books
  9. Play Doh and Play Doh tools
  10. Fleece blankets (minimum 52″ x 57″ long) bigger square blankets vs. skinny rectangle-towel sized blankets


  1. Puzzle Books (crossword, word find, sudoku)
  2. Deck of playing cards, Uno, Skip-bo and Phase 10
  3. Nail Polish sets
  4. Ear buds
  5. Artist sketchbooks
  6. Notebooks and composition books
  7. $15 or $20 gift cards (Target, Walmart, Amazon, Apple Store, iTunes)
  8. Fleece blankets (minimum 52″ x 57″)
  9. Adult coloring books
  10. Fine point markers
  11. Colored pencils
  12. Putty or slime
  13. Mini blue tooth speakers
  14. Games (Jenga, Cribbage, Sequence, Yahtzee, Apples to Apples and Monopoly)

Arts and Crafts Materials

  1. Play-doh and play-doh sets
  2. Markers (regular and fine tip)
  3. Crayola Crayons
  4. Crayola water colors
  5. Crayola Wonders kits All-in-one art kits (for all ages as well as boys and girls)
  6. Fuzzy posters
  7. Klutz art books
  8. Adult coloring books
  9. Model Magic
  10. Window markers

Technology/Geek Squad

  1. New SD cards
  2. Nintendo Switches
  3. Nintendo Switch Games (Teen and Under)
  4. Nintendo Switch Joy Con Remotes
  5. Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers
  6. USB C Charging Cords
  7. Micro USB Charging Cords
  8. Apple iPhone/iPad Charging Blocks
  9. Current Model iPad Mini’s or Full Size
  10. Portable USB Battery Chargers
  11. New Release DVD’s

Items we cannot accept:

  1. Sports Equipment
  2. Bikes, Skateboards, scooters
  3. Toy weapons – guns, sabers, etc.
  4. Used or gently used items





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