Cross the Virtual Finish line with us!

This year, A Chance to Shine is virtual. But our impact is real.

The Coronavirus has changed our everyday lives. Despite this, we are still committed to providing life-saving and life-changing services for children and families in the Valley and beyond. Join us for the 9th annual (and first virtual) A Chance to Shine Bike and Walk.

A pandemic changes our process, but never changes our mission.

Now, more than ever, we need to make an impact on the children and families served by the Parent Child Resource Center (PCRC). Stay-at-home orders result in more isolation and increased stress on children who struggle with mental health and behavioral issues. We've had to drastically shift and adjust the ways we provide client services to maintain the highest safety standards during this crisis. But our mission to help children live and lead healthy lives remains steadfast.

At PCRC, we believe in the possibility of getting better.

Join us for our Virtual Kick-Off on June 6th! Between June 6th-June 21st, meet your personal distance and fundraising goals! Then celebrate with us at our Virtual Finish Line on June 21st!

Every kid deserves a chance to shine.

When children are faced with problems such as depression, extreme anxiety, abuse, neglect and abandonment, and other types of trauma, they're are unable to recognize their strengths. Emotions can become overwhelmingly big, and behavioral control can easily be lost.

The Parent Child Resource Center (PCRC) provides guidance with innovative, creative and evidence-based programs. We guide children with school and help them become hopeful, confident, and secure. We work with their parents, teachers and caregivers to ensure what they’ve learned at PCRC is reinforced throughout their daily life.

By riding, walking, donating and sponsoring, you’re giving each child at PCRC A Chance to Shine.

Passionate about the cause? All participants automatically become fundraisers. Reach out to your personal network on social media, invite them to help us reach our goal and get prizes for reaching fundraising milestones! Click here to learn more.


Why I Ride.

“Riding in the PCRC event for me is a real, tangible opportunity to make a difference in the lives of my local community while doing something I love, cycling. It also affords me a chance as a business owner, to ride alongside other community leaders, business owners and families right here at home. I often participate in other charity rides that are miles away and this is one ride that takes place right here at home in the Valley where I live and work.” -Ramon Peralta

"I’ve been involved with the PCRC Ride since 2013.  The services PCRC offer are important for the development of healthy, happy, well-adjusted children. It's important to give back to our communities, especially for a cause that supports children." -Lindsey Boyer

“This is one of the Valley's most spirited and fun-filled community events of the year, and it is for a truly noble cause. Now in its 9th year, I have proudly pedaled over 250 miles for PCRC, and I look forward to seeing everyone on the "virtual" starting line in June!” -Bill Purcell, President Greater Valley Chamber


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