How To Start A Supply Drive - It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

A little planning will go a long way. Here’s some help to get you going.


MAKE A GOAL. Set a realistic number of supplies you want to collect or funds you want to raise for your supply drive. Donations made online can be applied to a specific drive when registered.

PICK A DATE. Create a sense of urgency by selecting an end date for your drive so people know when their last chance is to participate - then remind them! Depending on your goal, the recommendated length is 2-4 weeks.

DESIGNATE A COLLECTION POINT. Make dropping off physical supplies and making an online donation quick and easy. Donations from physical supply drives must be received before August 26 to be counted and included in the running for the Overall Top Supply Drives.

STEP 2: COLLECT!                                                                                  

TELL EVERYONE. Promote your drive by putting up flyers, sending emails, and sharing it on social media. Don’t forget to tag us @AGiftForTeaching on Facebook, Instagram, X, and LinkedIn!

MAKE IT FUN. Start a little friendly competition or provide incentives to encourage people to donate supplies or funds to your supply drive. Creating a thermometer to fill in throughout your drive is also a great visual to show how close you are to your goal!

GIVE OPTIONS. For those unable to donate physical supplies, suggest making a donation online and applying it to your registered supply drive. Every $1 received is transformed into $10 worth of supplies.


GIVE THANKS. Don’t forget to thank everyone who supported your supply drive to make a difference in the lives of local students and teachers!

DROP OFF YOUR DONATION. Label your donation bags/boxes with your supply drive name before scheduling a donation drop-off at A Gift for Teaching.

For additional questions, please contact

Supply Drive Ideas

Think outside the box and invite families, friends, and your network to get involved!

  • Part of a large company? See which department can provide the most supplies to win year-long bragging rights! Designate one team captain for each department to register a supply drive (For example: ABC Company – Sales and ABC Company – IT) and see who will reach their goal first.
  • Want to show your clients that you care about the community? Offer complimentary or discounted services/products when they make a donation to your drive!
  • Looking for remote or in-office team-building activities? Organize a “Jeans Day” or a “Virtual Happy Hour” as a Friday activity for team members to donate to participate!
  • Love to try new things? Set up a group meal or activity for people to donate to experience, have a good time, and make a difference together!

Sample Messages To Share

  • [Organization name] is teaming up with @AGiftForTeaching to be a part of Central Florida's LARGEST school supply drive! They provide free supplies to teachers for their students so learning can occur for ALL - at no cost to their families or teachers. Join me in making a difference! Donate to our supply drive here: [Team page link]
  • [Organization name] is proud to be hosting a Back-to-School supply drive for @AGiftForTeaching. You can help make a difference, too! Enjoy [incentive] when you make a donation to our supply drive in-person or online at [Team page link].
  • Did you know @AGiftForTeaching is a local nonprofit that provides free supplies to teachers for their students? [Organization name] is running a supply drive through [End date] to collect supplies for those who need them most so ALL students can be successful this school year! You can help by making a donation at [Team page link].

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my donation tax-deductible? A Gift For Teaching (AGFT) is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization as defined in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to AGFT are tax-deductible, please consult a tax professional for further details and questions. Our Federal Tax ID Number is 59-3515162. 

What’s better? School supplies or financial donations? BOTH are important! AGFT is open for teacher shopping throughout the entire school year, and the annual Back-to-School Drive provides one-third of the annual distribution of supplies. Community drives and fundraisers help ensure store shelves are ready to reopen in the new school year and stay stocked with educational resources. 

How do I donate to a virtual supply drive? Easy! Click "Make a Donation" at the top of this page to donate to a specific supply drive or leave blank to support the overall Back-to-School Drive goal. Make sure to use the employer search tool on the form to see if your donation could go even further with a matching gift from your employer!

How do I register my company/organization to host a supply drive? Designate (1) one Team Captain to register and manage the supply drive. Then click “Start a Drive” and complete the registration form for a new supply drive. Once registered, the Team Captain can customize the team page and share the link with the rest of your teammates to make a donation on the team page!

Will I know what my company has donated online? When you share the virtual supply drive link to your team page, all donations made on that page will also be tracked under your overall company/organization. Team Captains can keep up-to-date on who has donated and everyone can see the total donated on the goal thermometer. 

Are you still accepting physical supply drive donations? We will always accept new school supply donations! Please register your supply drive even if you are only accepting physical supplies and make sure to label all your boxes/bags with your supply drive name when dropping off your donation. Once the supplies have been processed and sorted, we will add the donated value of the physical supplies to your team total. Donations must be received before August 26 to be counted and included in the running for the Overall Top Supply Drives.

Where can I drop off my physical supply donations? Please label your donation bags/boxes with your supply drive name before dropping them off.  When you are ready to wrap up your supply drive, please schedule a donation drop-off before delivering your supplies. Please note that AGFT does not have the capacity to pick up donations.

Is there anything else I can do to help? Join our email list for other ways to get involved throughout the year!

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for Florida Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday, July 29 to August 11, to stock up on back-to-school supplies.

Broadcasting August 22, don't miss the Back-to-School Drive Telethon on WKMG News 6. Financial donations received through the Telethon will be DOUBLED thanks to generous matching funders!