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About the Mission:

"Approximately 81,230 drug overdose deaths occurred in the U.S. in the 12-months ending in May 2020. This represents a worsening of the drug overdose epidemic in the U.S. and is the largest number of drug overdoses for a 12-month period ever recorded," (CDC).

"Excessive alcohol use is responsible for more than 95,000 deaths in the U.S. each year, or 261 deaths per day. These deaths shorten the lives of those who die by an average of almost 29 years, for a total of 2.8 million years of potential life lost," (CDC).

ARCHway's mission is to increase assess to treatment and recovery resources for those impacted by substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders, so we can decrease these rates and increase the chances of individuals reaching a happy, joyous, and free life in recovery! We do this through connecting individuals and families to the right resources, support, and life-saving care needed to initiate a pathway towards long-term recovery, providing financial assistance to those in need, and educating and spreading awareness about the realities of substance use disorders. 





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