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Help Make this Year's Radiothon for The Arc of Warren County with WRNJ Virtually Fantastic Once Again!

Countdown Starts Today as Radiothon Will Be Held on June 3, 2021

The countdown is underway for the second virtual Arc of Warren County Radiothon with WRNJ! Sixty-seven days signifies the 67th anniversary of the Agency and our goal of raising $67,000 for this initiative.

Since the beginning of the pandemic a year ago, The Arc of Warren County continues to be committed to providing services to our consumers and residents who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. The children enrolled in our Early Intervention program are still receiving services which enable them to achieve their best developmental outcomes. The residents in our Community Living Arrangements programs are still receiving quality care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Essential services are provided to many of our people who live independently in our community. In addition, the Agency plans to hold five weeks of in-person day camp at Camp Warren.

The Arc of Warren County has consistently maintained a high quality of services and provided maintenance and upkeep of our facilities during these difficult times. We continue to need your assistance to help maintain and resume the services that we have been providing. Will you help make this year’s Radiothon for The Arc of Warren County with WRNJ virtually fantastic once again?

The countdown begins today and will continue until June 3, 2021 when WRNJ radio will devote the whole day to sharing stories about the impact of The Arc of Warren County’s work with individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, from families, consumers, community leaders and employees. This initiative is a 31-year tradition that was the inspiration of longtime Arc Foundation Executive Director, Kevin Guyette, who passed away in October 2018.

The administration of The Arc of Warren County is extremely pleased that the 2021 Radiothon will be co-chaired for the third year in a row by Jim Travis, of SASCO Otterstedt Insurance, and Norman Worth, of WRNJ Radio. Both Travis and Worth have advocated for the organization and individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities for over 30 years. Travis serves on the Board of Directors for The Arc of Warren County and both Travis and Worth are long-time members of the Hackettstown Rotary Club and serve on the Advisory Board for Atlantic Health’s Hackettstown Medical Center.



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