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My daughter was born with a severe bleeding disorder called Von Willebrands Disease. We didn't find out until she was 4 years old. She had a couple of joint bleeds and was tested. She is type 3 which is the most severe. It means that her body doesn't produce Von Willebrand Factor which is an important component in the blood clotting process. She has a port that we administer her medication through 3 times a week. She bruises easily, gets prolonged nosebleeds and mucousal bleeds, and she is limited in doing some things that normal kids do. Ex. contact sports, jumping on trampolines, etc. There is a very special group that we belong to called BDAND (Bleeding Disorders Alliance of North Dakota). They have helped and supported us in many ways. We have our annual walk coming up, so I would like to ask family and friends to please donate to this wonderful organization.  You can also join our walk team!! 


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The VW Bruisers :)

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