The Sunflower of Peace Fashion Gala and Fundraiser is a celebration of Ukraine’s beauty and boundless strength and resilience of its people. This professionally directed event will immerse guests and sponsors in the world of Ukrainian high fashion and creativity. World-renowned Ukrainian designers and artists - favorites of the global fashion weeks and top fashion magazines - will travel to this gala to present their curated collections in a magnificent multimedia performance. Guests and fans will be able to bid on designer items in the online and live auctions. 

By purchasing tickets or one of the sponsorships for this event, you will announce yourself as a strong supporter of Ukraine in spirit and in action and will become a proud partner in our dedicated effort to save Ukrainian lives.

Confirmed Designers and Artists:

Lilia Litkovskaya, Yuliya Magdych, Olena Reva, Jamemme, Gasanova, Guzema Jewelry, Gudu, Lee Pfayfer, Gunia Project, Oberig Jewelry, Olk manufactory Carpets

Musical Guest: Angelina Statieva



6:00 - 7:00 pm  
Welcome from the Gala Hosts & Cocktail Hour

7:00 - 9:00 pm         
Fashion Show & Live Auction


Complimentary hors d'oeuvres, beer and wine will be served

Dress Code: Business Casual/ Cocktail Attire/ Dress to Impress

Why we do what we do

Along with the tragedies, deep injustices, and devastation, the ongoing war in Ukraine has revealed to the world the beauty, ingenuity, incredible resilience, and heroism of the Ukrainian people. Forced by the Russian invasion into this existential fight, Ukrainian men and women have been bravely defending their sovereignty, dignity, and freedom. The lives of millions have been devastated by this war and they need our help; Ukrainians fighting and suffering must know that they are not alone and that the world is not blind to their sacrifice. Join our effort to help save and improve Ukrainian lives and together we will ensure that Ukrainian beauty outshines the dark shadows of the war and the devastation it leaves behind. 

Attend the Gala by purchasing tickets or buying sponsorship

Make early bids on auction items available prior to the event or donate to Sunflower of Peace Foundation





How will Sunflower of Peace spend the raised funds?

The funds raised during this Gala will go toward the four main goals of Sunflower of Peace:


Tactical medicine to the frontlines

  • Procurement, assembly, shipment, and delivery of backpacks filled with carefully curated medical supplies. Each backpack saves 10 lives.
  • Procurement, distribution, and maintenance of mobile hospitals 
  • Procurement and distribution of bullet-proof ambulances


Energy sources to locations with electricity interruptions

  • Procurement and distribution of solar panels and generators


Humanitarian aid to vulnerable populations in occupied territories

  • Sending medicine and providing funds to support basic needs of orphans and people with   disabilities under the care of institutions in occupied territories


Aid for NGOs in Ukraine that serve women and children affected by the war

  • Supporting needs of nongovernmental institutions in Ukraine that work to shelter and provide medical and psychological care and other assistance to women and children affected by the war

About Sunflower of Peace

Sunflower of Peace is a Boston-based non-profit with deep roots in Ukraine and the mission to save lives. Following its establishment in 2014, the foundation has supported a variety of causes in Ukraine, from sending medical aid to facilitating scientific exchanges. Since February 24, 2022, Sunflower of Peace has been laser-focused on providing backpacks filled with tactical medical supplies to Ukrainian front lines and occupied territories. In the coming months, the foundation will expand its medical aid program by procuring and delivering mobile hospitals and bullet-proof ambulances to the areas in Ukraine with critical need. Other initiatives involve providing energy resources to the areas where electricity is affected by military action, supporting vulnerable populations in occupied territories, and giving funds to Ukrainian non-profit organizations serving women and children in Ukraine. 

We Are a Volunteer-Driven Organization

Our hard-working and courageous volunteers work around the clock to make sure the aid is thoughtfully curated and reaches those who need it the most.


VOLUNTEERS IN BOSTON: Fundraise, procure, compile, and pack


VOLUNTEERS IN EASTERN EUROPE: Facilitate and manage transfer


VOLUNTEERS IN UKRAINE: Assess urgent needs, develop routes, deliver the precious cargo

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