Bedracer Fundraising Toolkit

Thank you for participating in the 2020 SLUMBERLAND® Bedrace for Bridging! Bridging was founded in 1987 to provide a bridge between those in need and those with excess. Since the first donated item, Bridging has expanded to serve seven counties in the Twin Cities metro area. Bridging has served more than 95,000 households since 1987. To learn more about what your fundraising dollars support. visit

Would you like to raise funds to help Bridging, but you're not sure where to start?  Here's some ideas and suggestions for you.

Bedrace Online Fundraising Tools

  • Personal Fundraising Pages
    It’s easy to raise funds and find supporters. You can quickly send emails to family, friends and co-workers to support your team with donations. You can thank your sponsors. Tracking your fundraising is a breeze on your personal fundraising pages. And, you can customize your page, and make it your own!  Add photos, personal messages and videos of yours or those provided by Bridging. Check out the "About Bridging" tab on this website for videos. Photos from last year's event are available for your use also.
  • PDF Posters
    Bridging will make a customized 8.5x11" pdf poster available to your team. Print them out and hang them everywhere. Display them at your office. Place them in local shops and restaurants. Spread the word. Show everyone this COOL event you're involved in and how they can help! Bridging will email a pdf to you, or you can also email Bridging for the poster.
  • Resources
    Get everything you need for your personal fundraising page. Here's your source for Bridging and Bedrace videos, links to Bedrace photos, Bridging Fast Facts, updates, news, fun facts and more!

Fundraising Incentives

  • Free Bedrace T-Shirt to all Bedracers for registering
  • $250 - $499  Bridging Insulated Beverage Bottle
  • $500 +          Bridging Plaid Flannel Trapper Hat (PLUS the Insulated Beverage Bottle)




It's easy to spread the word to family and friends with the click of a button. 

  • Use your personal fundraising page to ask for a donation.
  • Tell a story. Let everyone know why you're in the Bedrace and why you love Bridging.
  • If you've raced before, share pictures from last year's event.
  • Check out and download the BridgingMN images from previous bedraces.
  • Make it fun! Start a contest or a game for your personal donors - first one to donate, largest donation, etc.
  • Please and thank you!  Be sure to thank your donors, before and after the event. You can even include a picture of your team in the thank you!
  • Create an email signature for the bottom of your emails so your family and friends can easily support you. Include a hyperlink in your email signature to your personal fundraising page.



Take advance of social media. It's an easy way to connect with family and friends near or far!  Let them know what you're up to!

  • Like us on Facebook:  Share our bedrace posts!
  • Follow the Bedrace on Twitter:  Retweet a tweet and be sure to use the hashtag #Subwaybedrace..
  • Follow us on Instagram:
  • Like Bridging MN on LinkedIn and share our posts or write your own. 
  • Make your Bedrace an event on Facebook. Invite friends to join you and/or donate.
  • Update your status. Share the love! Let everyone know why you are racing and tell Bridging's story.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Share an image from a previous bedrace or a picture of the costume you'll be wearing. Pictures are available at
  • Make sure to give a shout out to family and friends who make a pledge.


It's easier than you think!  Ideas on how you can raise $150 in just seven days!

1. Ask your three closest friends for a $10 pledge (or better yet, see if they'll join the fun and be on your team!) It's easy to reach out to your Facebook friends and contacts through your personal fundraising page!.

2. Call three family members asking for a $10 pledge.

3. Text a parent and a sibling to donate $10 each. If your birthday is right around the corner, add this to your birthday wish list!

4. Talk to two of your neighbors to support your efforts with a $10 pledge.

5. Ask five people at your church, work or your favorite bar, restaurant or coffee shop for a $5 donation.

6. Don't forget your BFF or significant other! Ask for a $15 donation and make sure to bring them that day to cheer you on!

7. Make a personal donation of $10.


If you thought that was easy, let's go for $500 in just ten days!

1. Make a $25 personal contribution.

2. Ask three family members to support you with a $25 donation.

3. Talk to your BFF or your significant other about a $25 personal donation to support you. They can also be a great cheerleader for you at the races!

4. Ask your boss for a $25 contribution and find out if your workplace has a matching fund. They might even match ALL the funds you raise!

5. Make use of social media and ask five friends to sponsor you for $10 each.

6. Visit five of your favorite local businesses and ask them to sponsor you for $10 each.

7. Ask five co-workers to support your efforts for just $10 each. Hang up a Bedrace poster at your company!

8. Don't forget to include your neighbors. Just five neighbors at $10 each will help!

9. Reach out to your connections and ask 10 people from your social circle to sponsor you for $10 each.

10. Have a dinner party or get-together and ask five friends to make a $10 personal donation.




You've sent out emails to friends, called your family, posted your flyers, thanked your supporters, flooded social media with your Bedrace story, but you know there's still more you can do!  Have some fun with it and come up with your own creative fundraising ideas, or use a few more from the list below:

  • Hold your own fundraiser!  Maybe it's a bake sale, a chili cook-off, or a coffee cart at the office. Whatever you choose, make it fun!
  • Create a "giving jar" and collect coins and dollars on the counter at your workplace or business.
  • Host a Bedrace Party, with a theme similar to your team costumes.
  • Hold a silent auction or raffle for your team.  See if your favorite lunch spots will donate gift cards for a drawing or auction item.
  • Set out a candy jar and ask for change each time someone takes a piece. 
  • Hold a "Casual Day for a Cause" at work where employees can donate so they can wear jeans at work.
  • Have a karaoke or sporting contest or some type of eating competition.
  • Ask if your company offers "matching gifts" for donations. You can also use the "Double Your Donation" search on our donation page to check if your employer will match your donation.
  • Add some pizzazz to your personal fundraising page. Make your own video to post or take fun photos with crazy captions. Get creative! 
  • Form even more company Bedrace teams for some friendly competition.
  • Fundraise the “old school” way and ask people in person to sponsor you and your team.
  • You can accept cash or check donations, in addition to online donations . Just turn them in on the day of the event at the “Bucks for Bridging” table. You can also add these donations online at any time through your personal fundraising page so they are reflected in your fundraising total.

Please let us know if you come up with new fundraising ideas we can share with others. The more "Bucks for Bridging" we raise together, the more people we can help!


As Founder Fran Heitzman says, "when good people get together to do good things, then good things happen!"®

And they happen every day at Bridging. Because of supporters like you!