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Angel's Story

In March of 2017, a battered and broken puppy was delivered to the local animal shelter in Cheyenne, WY. 

With hideous injuries readily apparent, the shelter quickly realized this puppy needed more specialized care than they could provide. So they called for help. And Angel, as she came to be known, was delivered that same day to Black Dog Animal Rescue. 

She was only 5 months old and had already suffered more than 20 broken bones at the hands of her abusive owner. Later, we would find that she had been sold on craigslist by a backyard breeder, just another anonymous transaction. 

And while we believe that every animal is precious and unique, there was something immediately and especially special about this little girl. Despite her suffering and the unimaginable pain she had endured, she greeted everyone she met with a wagging tail and ready kisses. For many months we worked to provide her the care and support she needed to overcome her terrible past and live the life we hope for for all companion pets. 

This #GivingTuesday, many months after her adoption and successful rehabilitation, we are again telling Angel's story to highlight the issue of animal abuse and neglect. At BDAR, it is part of our mission to advocate for those animals, to be their voice when they have none. For too long these issues have been swept under the rug. 

It is our goal to work to change that, and we need your support to do it.

By donating now you can help ensure that we are here the next time a call comes for help for another pet like Angel. You can support our efforts to build relationships with policy makers and advocates across the state in the hope of effecting real and substantive change for animals in the future. Your generous donations will show just how much you want those these changes, how unwilling you are to allow these things to keep happening without meaningful consequence in our state. 

From now through November 28th, we are raising money to continue the life-saving work at Black Dog Animal Rescue.

Together, we can make a difference for more animals like Angel. 

All donations over $25 received through this platform as part of our 2017 #GivingTuesday fundraiser will receive a "pawtographed" print of Angel, mailed to their home.

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