JOIN US FOR THE BIG GIVE! 11/14/22 - 12/31/22

From November 14th through December 31st, BIG Give participants will reach into their own networks to inspire their friends, families, and colleagues to support our mission!

Participating is EASY. Just click the button below to register as a participant and share your personal page with friends, family, and coworkers via text, email, and social media!

How to Become a BIG Give Fundraiser!

  1. Click the "Register" button below
  2. Fill out your contact information to create your account
  3. Set your page name and suggested goal of $1,500
  4. Customize your page! Upload a photo of you and your Little!
  5. State your "why!" Share your match story-why did you become a Big? What are you MOST proud of your Little?
  6. Request approval for your page! Submit approval so your page can go LIVE!
  7. Share your page with EVERYONE! When you create a page, you'll get a special link.  Be sure to share it on social media, over email and even via text, with friends, family, and colleagues!

Not Sure What to Say? Click Here for Templates!

Click Here for Tips on Successful Fundraising!

Unable to Participate? Give a Gift Today Instead!

Unable to join as a fundraiser but still want to make a BIG impact?
You can gift a gift TODAY and know your gift will DIRECTLY support our one-to-one relationships
between high-potential kids in our community and caring adult mentors who have their backs!

No gift is too big or small, and thank you for defending potential!

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