Angels for Aidan

Our BIG Love story began 10 years ago…so hard to believe.  As we celebrated Jaxon’s 10th Birthday in October, I began to ponder so many things.  He and Aidan shared a brief, but strong bond.  They were siblings in isolation, before it was the “2020” thing to do.  Jaxon was coming into this world only a short distance down the street from where Aidan was fighting to remain in it.  I wondered how they would have grown together.  But in 2012, our entire world forever changed as Aidan gained his wings.

COVID gave so many people a small glimpse of what a child battling cancer and their family, in complete isolation, have to endure.  It also had a huge impact on those same families, as isolation became a little harder, and organizations such as BIG Love had to change the way that they were supporting them.  But, as we have all learned to find new ways to school, work, and play, BIG Love has continued to find BIG ways to help families.  When we started our journey in 2010, we were quickly introduced to the organization.  It wasn’t through the literature that the doctors provided from the American Cancer Society or the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  It wasn’t on a Billboard or a TV commercial.  It was through small tokens of love.  There was a shaving kit with tooth brushes, socks, and more…then a blank list for items needed…and then wonderful volunteers that came around with toys and snacks for everyone…and also to share their love and to listen to those who needed it most.

After Aidan passed, we wanted to give back in some way, to those who needed it.  We decided to become involved in BIG Love, because of the personal connection that we had made.  There was never a question of “who” you were, how much money you made, what religion, what race…no, there was only “what do you need?” or “what can we do to help?”  Now, I must ask all of you…”what can WE do to help?” 

This year has made it harder on everyone.  COVID has also hurt the non-profit sector, including BIG Love.  Shutdowns, social distancing, and unemployment have driven people to rethink what’s important to them.  Fundraising events, such as the Angels for Aidan Clay Shoot were cancelled.  And as COVID has taken it’s toll in 2020, we will continue to feel it for quite some time.  But cancer has not stopped…and the need to help those families has not either.  In fact, the need has increased more than ever.  Please help us in meeting our fundraising goals and continuing the mission of supporting children and families with pediatric cancer.





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  • chad olivier Last month $100.00
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  • McCizer Pipeline, Inc. We would like to help sponsor for Jared McSpadden for his team! October 2020 $1,000.00
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  • Michelle Jones Last month $2,575.00
  • McCizer Pipeline, Inc. We would like to help sponsor for Jared McSpadden for his team! October 2020 $1,000.00
  • chad olivier Last month $100.00
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