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Christmas Cheer

Team Angels for Aidan support for BIG Love Cancer Care has been well publicized over the years.  We decided to give back as much as we could towards helping other children with cancer.  BIG Love was there for us on numerous occasions, and so we wanted to be there for them.  Our first year, we had in-excess of 100 runners take that jog with us.  This year, we need that type of support again.  We understand that the “wound is not fresh” and our beautiful son’s smile might not be as memorable as it once was.  But make no mistake, BIG Love needs your help.  Just like COVID cancelled our Remembrance event for Aidan in May, it has also crippled many fundraising activities, such as our Clay Shoot.  This year, the Santa Dash is Virtual.  It will definitely not be the same…no gathering, no butterfly release, no personal touch, no hugs…but you can still feel the love…BIG.


Join Angels for Aidan for a jog, a walk, or even just a short trip to your wallet!  😊  This year, I will take a neighborhood route through Oak Forest in Houston.  To make it a little more exciting, I plan to start from our driveway at 6 pm.  We will be taking a Christmas-light-viewing stroll.  If you want to join us, you are welcome to.  I am sure that we can share some Christmas Cheer, while raising money for a “Good Claus”!


Our Team

  • Jared McSpadden Jared McSpadden Team Captain $3,675.00
  • Jenny Odinet Jenny Odinet $188.00
  • Michelle Jones Michelle Jones $135.00
  • NS Nikki Shealy $35.00
  • SM Summer Magee $35.00
  • DB Debbi Butts $35.00
  • DC Doug Cousins $35.00
  • JB John Butts $35.00
  • SB Sofia Butts $35.00
  • JY Jennifer Young $35.00
  • TY Troy Young $35.00
  • RY Rylee Young $35.00
  • JB Joshua Benoit $35.00
  • RO Randy Odinet $35.00
  • SJ Stephen Jones $35.00
  • MM Marley McBurney $35.00
  • BB Bobby Button $35.00
  • JM Jensen McBurney $35.00
  • JK JT Kelley $35.00
  • NJ Natalie Jones $35.00
  • AJ Anthony Jones $35.00
  • EE Erin Egan $35.00
  • HJ Harrison Jones $35.00
  • DW Diana Wade $35.00
  • LJ Lulu Jones $35.00
  • JK Judy Klein $35.00
  • DD Devin Duncan $35.00
  • KD Kelly Day $35.00
  • BM Beau Magee $25.00
  • DN Drake Nygren $25.00
  • HM Harper Magee $25.00
  • AS Adrian Salinas $25.00
  • LO Lauren Odinet $25.00
  • TO Thomas Odinet $25.00





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