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Bikes for Kids 2020!

Bikes for Kids came to be a part of the Foundation for Life in 2007, when Paul Blanco was introduced to Bikes for Kids from his colleagues and founders of the  organization, Bill and Debbie Pollakov. Since it’s  inception, the Foundation for Life, Inc. has given away over 3000 bikes and helmets to underprivileged kids. Paul, along with the Foundation for Life, have a goal again this year to give 500 kids the freedom to explore their neighborhoods in a fun and healthy way. 

Networking organizations assist in identifying children for the program.  The Foundation For Life raises the funds , purchases and transports the bikes & helmets to each location. Children get to attend a FREE day of family oriented fun. Events take place in CT, RI, MA, NY and NJ. 

$70 sponsors a child's day.

Sponsorship opportunities available: 

For more information or a list of our 2018 venue locations, please contact Kristy Brown, Foundation Coordinator (203) 513-6025  Foundation@FoundationForLifeInc.Org 


1. At last minute we registered one additional child for a Bikes for Kids event with a local Boys and Girls Club. He had been seen wandering the neighborhood. When approached - he told the B&G Club that his bike had been stolen. Often left to tend to himself after school, this bike was his transportation to and from. The Boys and girls club asked if we could register him and replace his stolen bike. They also gave him a sponsorship to attend their club in the afternoons rather than be out on his own. In a recent update we learned that he is still grateful for our gift, that he continues to be involved at the club and that his grades in school have risen since our event. One small gesture by each of us, gave this child something beyond just a bike. Positive attention, a sense of compassion and a support system that will help him continue to excel in the future.

2. There was an autistic child registered for our Bikes for Kids ~ Basketball Clinic Event. When the clinic began I found the child and his mom standing outside the doors. Mom was nervous of how he would handle the noisy room and if he could follow direction. After assuring her I would touch base with the volunteers and that he could come and go if it was too much stimulation or confusion; she sent him in. Later during the event she came up and gave me a hug with tears in her eyes. As we chatted she told me about how she couldn't really afford "extras" like a bike for him. She also mentioned how special this event was for her too. Because it is rare she gets to see him staying involved in an activity and she was in awe that he was not only participating in basketball, but smiling and enjoying himself among the other children. It is not just about the bikes - It is about confidence, courage and creating special moments.

3. After the passing of their daughter this couple became the legal guardians of their 2 grandchildren:  They didn’t expect at this age to take on parenthood again nor were they financially prepared for it. They were happy to not only see the children receive a bike, but it was also great after so much sadness to see them having a day of fun and feeling special.  We brought some joy back to their childhood. 

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