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Bhangra in the Burgh

We are Bhangra in the Burgh, an organization that brings together Bhangra teams from across the nation to compete on one stage in a night of music, dance, and South Asian culture.

Throughout the past 14 years, the competition has grown immensely in popularity and acclaim. Bhangra in the Burgh, now deemed the largest student-run event in Pittsburgh, is also a non-profit organization that raises money every year for a local charity. Due to COVID-19, we will be hosting the Bhangra in the Burgh Showcase in an online format on Saturday, February 13th, 2020, allowing Bhangra teams from around the country to showcase their talent and efforts during quarantine.

Last year, we had the honor of collaborating with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank to raise money for their cause. We admire their efforts to eliminate hunger within the Pittsburgh community. For our 14th year of Bhangra in the Burgh, we are delighted to be working with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank yet again.

Their values and initiatives, including their four core commitments— proper nutrition quality, food safety, sustainability, and diversity/inclusion— perfectly align with what we stand for as an organization. Although our plans have been altered to accommodate the global COVID-19 pandemic, we still hope to provide them with as much aid as possible. All of us at Bhangra in the Burgh are looking forward to working with them yet again to give them the donations they need to keep doing what they’re doing on an even bigger scale. Join Bhangra in the Burgh in aiding GPCFB in their initiative to eliminate as much community hunger as possible!





of your goal reached

Bridget, a student and a bar manager, was laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I’m laid off and I’m actually a student. I’m trying to graduate. I graduate in two weeks and my school is actually the one that told me about this [distribution].” Providing for her daughter and herself is challenging when there is no work, but she is grateful that the drive-up distributions are able to provide a little extra assistance. “It’s to help my daughter and I. It means a lot. We need it to survive and I’m the full-time employee…I support both of us.”

Stories of how your donation will make an impact in the lives of your neighbors experiencing hunger:

Large Scale Distribution April, 2020

Curtis and Audrey are doing their best to make ends meet, but the COVID-19 pandemic is making that a challenge. While Audrey waited for her disability to come through, Curtis had been working at a hotel and a local restaurant, but is furloughed from both right now. “I’ve been not working for about a year and a half now waiting for disability and he’s been furloughed from his job since March. Anything we can do to get a little help, we’re very appreciative of it.” Audrey has growing concerns about the virus, but is thankful for the help they were able to receive through the drive-up distribution.