Thursday, November 4, 2021
In-Person @ our Spruce Street Clubhouse

1040 Spruce St Lawrence, NJ 08648

or Online

Register today to attend three 45 minute workshops, plus a career panel on STEM related topics. Learn about careers in STEM fields and meet potential mentors. Explore post-secondary career pathways and other STEM programs that can be pursued in high school and in college.

The STEM Conference is specifically for 4th - 9th grade students.


8:30 am                           Check-in
9:00 am                           Welcome & Keynote
9:30 am- 11:55 am          Workshop Sessions 
12:00 pm                         Lunch (Provided)

12:30 pm                         Career Exploration Panels

Available Workshops:

Computer Aided Design - Introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) with TinkerCAD.  Learn how to use the electronics platform to wire and program microcontrollers. 
Computers: How Do They Work - Learn the basics of computer hardware/software, networking, and cyber-security. 
Design and Make Your Own Cleanser - Become a Product Development Scientist and make a “Fall-themed” skin care cleanser from scratch.
DIY Woodcraft - An Introduction to woodworking practices and the science behind epoxy.
Electric Cars, Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Transportation - Get an up close and personal look at a Tesla car.
Erupting Slime - Learn how to make a unique slime recipe while experimenting with acids and bases. 
Introduction to Python! - Ever wonder what goes into website development? Game creation? Introduction to Python will give you a quick overview of all things Python.
Matter of Fact - Explore molecules and the forces that hold atoms together by mixing up a batch of Mad Science Putty.
The Science Behind Urine -  Learn about the profession of medical laboratory science while being introduced to urinalysis or the study of urine.  
Oceans, Weather, and Climate - Create a miniature ocean, learn about ocean waves and currents.
Fusion Energy & Plasma Physics - Learn about the properties of plasma by exploring fusion energy and plasma physics. 

We are still looking for presenters...

Contact us today to present a workshop at the STEM Conference

Volunteer to become a presenter (in-person and online options available)!   Facilitate a 45 minute workshop (3 sessions) or participate in our carer panel. To join us, send an email to Debra Lawrey, STEM & Career Director 

Thank You our STEM Supporters

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