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Calling All Superheroes!

Grab your capes and join us at a Bowl for Kids' Sake event! 

Help Big Brothres Big Sisters by fundraising much needed funds to support our Matches.

Each bowler is required to fundraise at least $50 to participate at the event. Fundraising is easy! Just ask your family, friends and coworkers to give a little, and it will add up to a lot! Your $50 will get you a t-shirt, 2 games of bowling, pizza, drink, prizes and much more! Come and support a great cause!

Matches are only required to raise $50 for both Big and Little pairs

Scroll down to see all the bowls!

Our community bowls are for anyone including college students, Matches, community members, etc. .

Our coporate bowls are only for that company's empolyees. 





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