The Learning Center

The mission of The Learning Center at Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary is to provide a state of the art facility for humane education and values-based leadership, organizational, and community development. The Learning Center will be a central hub of activity at the Sanctuary, where our volunteers and staff will gather together to strategize, launch and assess our daily animal care activities.

Volunteer support is a critical resource to all of our work including our community outreach and education programs, as well as our animal enrichment and foster care programs. We are a volunteer-centric organization, and the common thread through all our work is values-based community engagement: citizens working together to promote kindness, compassion and mercy– and to achieve measurable, sustainable community change.

The Learning Center will include a 250 seat meeting hall and commercial kitchen for larger groups, and smaller classrooms for group learning. On site at the Learning Center, we'll offer a wide variety of learning opportunities for people of all ages: We'll host conferences for caring citizens and municipal officials who want to learn about building sustainable No Kill programming in their own communities, and give them a place to network with other like-minded professionals.

And we’ll offer comprehensive youth programs that challenge, inspire and cultivate deep accomplishment in our young participants. They’ll learn about empathy and altruism, group and team dynamics, community collaboration, and social change. We know that youth engagement is our most strategic investment toward sustaining long-term progress on our No Kill mission.

Too, we know that the youth of today must be uniquely prepared for a world in transition. Our "Virtual Sanctuary” program will provide a critical upgrade to out-dated “humane education” curricula to help better prepare youth for new challenges they’ll face, including understanding the contributors and solutions to burgeoning deforestation, industrial pollution, climate change, and mass species extinction.

The "Virtual Sanctuary” curricula is currently under development by our humane education staff in collaboration with area school teachers from diverse school districts. The completed programming will be simulcast live from the Learning Center, over the internet, free to school children across the country.

We have received a generous $500,000 Matching Gift Challenge from a private family foundation to meet our goal of $1M to build the Learning Center. For every dollar you give to the Learning Center building fund, the Foundation will double it, up to $500K! Please donate today to help us take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, and help build this amazing resource of healing and humane education.



  • "The Teaching Kitchen” Title Sponsorship - $60,000

*Up to 3 year pledge arrangement available.

If you would like information about memorial donations, special naming opportunities and monthly payment options to support construction of The Learning Center at Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary, please email