Route Descriptions

Select your ride according to your interest, ability and type of bike. Preregister by Jun 14th to ensure your free lunch. Be at Jim Archdekin Recreation Centre for registration check-in and Rider Briefing at the time shown before your start. Meet old and new friends. Visit our sponsor booths to see what’s new. It’s not a race! Pick up map stamp at each pavillion for a chance to win valuable prizes. Return to Jim Archdekin for final stamp at Peel Waste pavillion. Visit registration again to turn in your map stamps for prize tickets. Enjoy lunch complements of Region of Peel. This is a zero-waste event. Bring your refillable water bottle. Volunteers at Peel Waste pavillion will help you separate your lunch waste for proper recycling.   You can download the descriptions here.

Family Ride (~12 km) check-in from 9:15, staggered start 10:00am (allow 1 ½ -2 hours) 

  • Route: Turn right (north) on Etobicoke Creek Trail, through Brampton’s fields, ravines and woods. Return through Heart Lake Conservation Area, stopping at Indigenous Medicine Wheel Garden, stop at Brampton’s Complete Streets pop-up, back to Jim Archdekin for lunch and prize draw.  

  • Check out the kids’ Bike Rodeo before or after your ride 9:00am – 12:00pm 

  • Trail surface approx: 70% paved multi-use paths (asphalt & hardpack dirt), 20% secondary roads, 10% packed gravel 

Nature Ride (~26 km) check-in from 8:00, staggered start 9:00am (allow 2 ½ – 3 hours) 

  • Route: Turn right (north) on Etobicoke Creek Trail, through Brampton’s fields, ravines and woods, stop at Summer Valley Pond, cross Caledon’s bridge connecting Valleywood to Southfields Village. Head south through Heart Lake Conservation Area, stop at Indigenous Medicine Wheel Garden. Head south on Heart Lake Road, stop at Brampton’s Complete Streets pop-up, (+ option for wider tires on steep narrow technical section of Esker Lake Trail); cross #410 on Franceschini bridge. Return via Vodden St, Rutherford Rd bike lane, stop at Heritage Bovaird House, north to Jim Archdekin along Etobicoke Creek Trail. 

  • Trail surface approx: 50% paved multi-use paths (asphalt & hardpack dirt), 25% packed gravel, 25% secondary roads 

Toronto Pearson Bike Route (~50km ) check-in from 7:45, staggered start 8:45am (allow 3 ¼ - 3¾ hours) 

  • Route: Exit right (east) from Morris Kerbel Park across Conestoga, onto Ruth. Head north on Richvale to Mayfield. Turn south through Heart Lake Conservation Area, stop at Medicine Wheel Garden. Head south on Heart Lake Road, stop at Brampton’s Complete Street pop-up. Head east on Bovaird multiuse path, crossing #410 on new separated bike lane. Turn south on Newman, Esker Lake Trail, Laurelcrest, West Dr, Tomken into Mississauga. Turn east on Meyerside, south on Netherhart, east on Britannia. Stop at Toronto Pearson Pavillion at GTAA airport lands. Return north to Dixie, west on Midway, north on Columbus to Mt Charles Park. Continue north on Etobicoke Creek Trail under #407 & #410, through Brampton’s Downtown. Take new Cross-ride from James to Scott across Queen St. Stop at Farmers Market pavillion. Return to Jim Archdekin along Etobicoke Creek Trail. 

  • Trail surface approx: 50% secondary roads, 45% paved multi-use paths, 5% packed gravel 

 Bike the Creek Town Ride (~62km) check-in from 7:30, staggered start 8:30am (allow 3-4 hours) 

  • Route: Turn left (south) on Etobicoke Creek Trail, west on Bovaird Trail, north on Fletcher’s Creek Trail, west on Wanless Dr multiuse path. Head north on Creditview Rd on Caledon’s bike route. Turn east on Olde Baseline Rd, stop at Cheltenham Badlands, north on St. Andrews, west on Grange, south on Heart Lake Rd. Return south on Kennedy, stop at John Clarkson Park. Continue south through Heart Lake Conservation Area, stop at Medicine Wheel Garden. Head south on Heart Lake Rd, stop at Brampton’s Complete Street pop-up. Return west to Jim Archdekin. 

  • Trail surface approx: 75% secondary roads, 20% paved multi-use paths, 5% packed gravel