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Help ensure the children in our community will have the essential school supplies they need by the first day of school. More than 70% of schools are considered high-need in Central Florida, and thousands of students will arrive to class with nothing in their hands.

Together, we can help our students and teachers begin the new school year with success.

A Gift For Teaching is Central Florida’s primary provider of free supplies to teachers for their students, and every $1 received is transformed into $10 worth of supplies so learning can occur for all.

My Supporters

  • Eric Rosoff Last month
  • Mortgagee Title Services, Inc. Last month
  • Anonymous Last month
  • Anonymous Last month
  • Anonymous Last month
  • Anonymous Last month
  • Stephanie Raghunandan Last month $100.00
  • Tony Buscemi Last month $100.00
  • benjamin Ramirez Last month $25.00
  • Christopher McGuire Last month $100.00
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  • 22 Health Group, LLC Last month $1,000.00
  • NexGen business consultants It’s always a joy to help out our local community, especially for such an important cause. From your friends at NexGen Business Consultants. Last month $1,000.00
  • Florida Pain & Wellness Centers Helping to secure a brighter future is priceless. Florida Pain & Wellness Centers is proud to help our community. Thank you teachers for all your hard work! Last month $1,000.00
  • Mark Ahrens Last month $1,000.00
  • Brad Chesney July 2022 $1,000.00
  • Christopher Reed God Bless Teachers! Last month $777.00
  • Complete Care Centers, LLC Thank you for organizing this donation. Complete Care is honored to help this incredible cause. Last month $500.00
  • Natasha Rudd Last month $500.00
  • Jeffrey Shebovsky August 2022 $500.00
  • Brotman Nusbaum Ibrahim & Adelman Last month $250.00
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